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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
No LoopholeMatthew 10:1Everything in life that has meaning and value is rooted in God's Grace. In the New Testament, St. Paul begins [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAServiceGod: Grace of,Grace of God,Jesus Christ: imitation of,Ministry of ServiceAdd
Rich Man, Poor ManMatthew 10:8There are a great many societies and organizations trying to do something about the serious illnesses that afflict our society. [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAMoneyMoney Sickness,Priorities,ValuesAdd
The Whole World Comes TogetherMatthew 9:38We have heard it said, "There is no rest for the wicked." But, with the hustle-bustle and the "getting ahead" [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAServiceLove,Salvation,MinistryAdd
Come Out Of The WildernessLuke 1:80Do you remember the story of Pinocchio? Whenever he told a lie his nose got longer. But Balzac wrote a [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWilderness ExperienceGod: voice of,St. John the BaptistAdd
It's Awesome!Mark 4:26You're in your little garden on a bright, sunny day, pulling dandelions. Suddenly, perhaps for the first time, you take [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWonderKingdom of God,Father's Day (U.S.A.),Mystery,Harvest,PlantingAdd
Food For ThoughtMark 4:30In recent years, as a people we have become more nutrition-conscious than ever before. We have awakened to the fact [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBSpiritual NourishmentBread of Life,NutritionAdd
What We Don't KnowMark 4:30The brilliant British Author, Malcolm Muggeridge, once said that a very amusing book could be written about how unbelievers try [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTruthLove,Light,Kingdom of God,Self-identityAdd
Where Is The Kingdom Of Heaven?Mark 4:30God's Presence in the mainstream of human existence is discovered in the ordinary people of our daily encounters. And often [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofPrayer,Kingdom of God,Grace,CommitmentAdd
The Struggle To ForgiveLuke 7:47Surely, one of the most beautiful pictures in all of literature is the one in which the father of the [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCForgivenessLoveAdd
The Noblest VengeanceLuke 7:47A boy named Tommy who was having difficulty in school because of a hearing problem eventually was fitted with a [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCForgivenessVengeanceAdd
Tears Of JoyLuke 7:38One of the most fascinating and best-known facts in the Mahatma Gandhi story is Gandhi's great admiration for the teachings [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChrist PresenceFaith,Companionship,Jesus Christ: names ofAdd
We're On Our WayMark 4:26The following notice appeared in the window of a coat store in Nottingham, England: We have been established for over 100 [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBKingdomFaith,Family,Optimism,God:rule ofAdd
The More He Gave ...Matthew 10:8We are living in a time of ... Taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; higher incomes, but lower morals; more [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGenerosityMoney,Happiness,Selfishness,GreedAdd
We Can SeeMatthew 10:8A woman hovers between life and death in a hospital Intensive Care Unit ... From time-to-time she awakens to the "blips" [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAKingdomEternal Life,Grace,Heaven,God:presence ofAdd