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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Way Is DifficultJohn 6:54"Dying is a very solitary thing!" someone has written. In that very insightful statement, we come close to one of [...]The Body and Blood of ChristADeathDying,Loneliness,Caring,Liberated WomanAdd
Reflected GloryJohn 6:57Most of us are pleased to accept the Biblical assertion that we have been created in the "Image of God." [...]The Body and Blood of ChristAGod: image ofImaging God,Self-knowledge,PossessionsAdd
The FoolJohn 6:57Theologians sometimes are like the little girl who protested, "Yes I do know how to spell "Mississippi, I just don't [...]The Body and Blood of ChristAGod: dependence onGod: Presence of,Photo Copying,Lord's Prayer,FoolsAdd
From Here To EternityJohn 6:51Psychologists tell us that, for most people, attitudes toward death are developed in several identifiable stages. One stage, they say, [...]The Body and Blood of ChristAEternal LifeDeath,Afterlife,Eternity,Bread of LifeAdd
Today Is Judgment DayJohn 6:58Comedian Allen Rossi tells the story of a dream he had: There I was, sitting at a table for two [...]The Body and Blood of ChristAHeavenly BanquetStepping stone,Love FeastAdd
True Food For True LifeJohn 6:51To eat someone's flesh, to drink someone's blood ... This is the stuff of horror novels and lurid splatter movies. [...]The Body and Blood of ChristABreadHunger,Abundant Life,Emptiness,ThirstAdd
Precious MomentsJohn 6:58In our production-oriented society, being busy, having an occupation, has become one of the main ways of identifying ourselves. Without [...]The Body and Blood of ChristABread of LifeDeath,PreciousnessAdd
You Are What You Eat!Mark 14:22A traveler passing through a certain region of the American West stopped at a Tourist Information Center. He told one [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBBread of LifeLast Supper,Diet,ExerciseAdd
Your Name In ItalicsMark 3:21In her book called "Out of My Mind," the author, Katharine Brush, confesses to several episodes in which she made [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBPerspectiveLoveAdd
Greek To UsMark 14:22One of the striking things about Jesus' ministry is that He chose not to make it alone, but at the [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBBody of ChristLoneliness,Christian Community,Koinonia,FellowshipAdd
Spirit To SpiritMark 14:26Many of us find it very easy, I am sure, to identify with the disciple who came to Jesus and [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBPrayerHoly Spirit,Inner-selfAdd
I Cover For YouMark 4:22There is a Gospel Story in which Nicodemus, one of the leading citizens of his community, wanted to talk to [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBLast SupperNew Life,Adam and Eve,Passover MealAdd
What Is Truth?Mark 14:22Two men were walking through the woods when they encountered a huge grizzly bear. Immediately, they ran for cover in [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBBread of LifeTruth,Last Supper,Hope,HopelessnessAdd
No Middle CourseMark 14:23Several years ago, one of the big, daily newspapers ran a thought-provoking column about religious holydays and secular holidays. Both, [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBRootsLast Supper,Celebration,Tradition,HolidaysAdd
Come Unto Me!Mark 14:24The Apostle Paul has written, "If death began its reign through one man (Adam) because of his offense, much more [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBJesus Christ: blood ofDeath,Jesus Christ: wounds ofAdd