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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Nothing To FearJohn 16:13A class of first year theology students had been studying the various philosophical schools of thought on whether or not, [...]The Holy TrinityCFearLove,Compassion,Freedom,God: existence ofAdd
The Beautiful LeopardJohn 16:12Jesus speaks these words to His disciples as the end of His public life draws near. There is much more [...]The Holy TrinityCSexualityHoly Spirit,ParentingAdd
Nothing But The TruthJohn 16:13A great defense lawyer was defending a client who was the victim of some trumped-up charges. The main witness against [...]The Holy TrinityCTruthRepentance,Rebellion,HonestyAdd
The Global AgeLuke 9:13From Ireland comes the story of a Roman Catholic nun who ran out of gas and walked to a filling [...]The Holy TrinityCChrist PresenceAstronauts,Planet EarthAdd
Nod Your Heads Up-and-downJohn 16:13Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- the perfect love match. The Perfect Model for our human relationships. We are called [...]The Holy TrinityCLoveTruth,God: image ofAdd
The Prodigal FatherJohn 16:15Our text is taken from a lengthy passage in John's Gospel often referred to as Jesus' "Last Discourse." It was [...]The Holy TrinityCProdigal FatherGod: love of,Prodigal Son,JealousyAdd
Keep Your Shirt On!John 16:13The Biblical writers had an experience of God that was so rich and full and overwhelming that no one word, [...]The Holy TrinityCTrinityHoly Spirit,God: Presence of,Comforter,Spirit of TruthAdd
A Different StreetJohn 16:13As a Society, does the motto "In God we trust" lead us to the complete truth? Does it really reflect [...]The Holy TrinityCTruthMoney,Priorities,Followers,God:trust in,Close EncountersAdd
Give Until You Rejoice!John 16:15"It's my own fault," said the father of three ... All my life I've worked hard to give my children a [...]The Holy TrinityCLiving ChristGiving,Parenting,Children,God:love ofAdd