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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Who, Me?Matthew 28:20An out-of shape, overweight man decided to take up tennis. He took several lessons from a pro. He also read [...]The Holy TrinityBMissionGod: Presence of,DiscipleshipAdd
The Gift Of SightMatthew 28:20One of the things about God that should impress us most and bring us the greatest joy is the way [...]The Holy TrinityBJesus Christ: presence ofBlindness,Faith,Rainbow,Burning Bush,Pillar of FireAdd
The Good LifeMatthew 28:19The Gift of the Holy Spirit is intended by God to bear much fruit in us. Paul describes the fruit [...]The Holy TrinityBHoly SpiritBlindness,Ignorance,DesireAdd
Visit To A Small PlanetMatthew 28:18The wife of a Junior High principal was talking about the struggle she had one year with the modern dress-code [...]The Holy TrinityBEvangelismStress,Jesus Christ: presence of,Dress-code,Jesus Christ: love ofAdd
What To Do Next?Matthew 28:19,20Once upon a time a frog went to a fortune-teller to see what the future had in store for him. [...]The Holy TrinityBDiscipleshipObedience,Church,Disappointment,DisciplineAdd
You're On Your OwnJohn 28:19A United States Army Brigadier General went with his wife to do the family food shopping in the commissary -- [...]The Holy TrinityBSelf-worthDiscipleship,God: image of,Memorial Day (U.S.A.),Self-identityAdd
The Lord Of LifeMatthew 28:20A king of the Middle Ages gave one of his servants a strange standing order. Every morning this servant was [...]The Holy TrinityBDeathTrust,Jesus Christ: death ofAdd
Between Two Slices Of BreadMatthew 28:20Thanks to medical science and other factors, people are living longer and longer. Regrettably, it is not always the case [...]The Holy TrinityBDisciplesLove,Commandments,Teacher,SandwichAdd
We See Him Everywhere!Matthew 10:27In the Broadway Musical "1776," a scene opens with John Adams crying out, "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?" In one sense, we [...]The Holy TrinityBGod: presence ofOptimism,Lonliness,God: omnipresence ofAdd