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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
I AcceptJohn 3:16"He gave His only Son." How do we respond to God's great gift? We celebrate of course, but there is [...]The Holy TrinityAIncarnationGiving,Gifts,Acceptance,ReceivingAdd
Need MendingJohn 3:16In the Gospel of John, we find over and over again the Good News of the kind of full life [...]The Holy TrinityARepentanceNew Life,Gnosticism,Last SupperAdd
No ExitJohn 3:17St. Mark's Cathedral, in Venice, stands in mosaic splendor paying silent tribute to the Byzantine and Lombard artists and others [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationAdvertising,PessimismAdd
Measure For MeasureJohn 3:17British author, Robert W. Burns, once was standing on a balcony at Warwick Castle in England. In his words, "That [...]The Holy TrinityARelationshipsJudging,Judgmentalism,Gettysburg Address,SalvationAdd
The Finishing TouchJohn 3:17Phidias was very likely the greatest sculptor among the ancient Greeks. Legend tells us that he was extremely careful when [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationPessimism,Jesus Christ: as SaviorAdd
Enough Light?John 3:16-18"Dear Abby," wrote a woman named Rose, "I am forty-four and would like to meet a man my age with [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationGod: love of,Sinners,Judgmentalism,Perfection,Lost SheepAdd
Not Another Word!John 3:16The story is told of a chance meeting between two men who had been college classmates. They went to a [...]The Holy TrinityAGrowthPerfectionAdd
Now Is The TimeJohn 3:17It was the start of a holiday weekend, and the service station was crowded. Finally, an attendant hustled up to [...]The Holy TrinityAGod: presence ofSalvation,Procrastination,SomedayAdd
Straight To Your HeartJohn 3:16There is a "Peanuts" cartoon in which Charlie Brown says to Linus: "For as long as I've lived, whenever I [...]The Holy TrinityAGod: love ofHappinessAdd
A Word For Us NowJohn 3:16,17Imagine, just imagine, that when you come to Church and pray the prayers and sing the hymns you are really [...]The Holy TrinityASaviourSalvation,Sacrifice,God:grace of,God:love ofAdd
Called Into ServiceJohn 3:17Every life will end in death. There are times when we may feel we will live forever. But, sooner or [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationDeath,Eternal Life,Service,Churchill:WinstonAdd