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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
To Be Sure, Lord!John 20:19One evening, after a lecture, Helen Keller invited questions from the audience. Someone asked: "Miss Keller, if you could have [...]Pentecost SundayCPeacemakersHoly Spirit,Peace,ShalomAdd
Sam The LionJohn 20:19It was Sunday evening. Jesus' closest disciples were hiding in an upper room, behind locked doors. They were grim, dejected, [...]Pentecost SundayCPeaceWorthwhileness,PonderingAdd
The Hundredth MonkeyJohn 20:21In the early Nineteenth Century, the Church collection was taken up in a bag at the end of a pole [...]Pentecost SundayCPeacePentecost,War,Promise,Nuclear war,Hundredth monkeyAdd
Secret WeaponJohn 16:13Have you heard the story of the two astronauts who were preparing for a trip to the moon? It seems [...]Pentecost SundayCDiscipleshipService,Jesus Christ: as Servant,RecognitionAdd
Joy Of LifeJohn 20:20In times like ours it is so easy to get bogged down in a mood of despair. Problems all around [...]Pentecost SundayCServiceMinistry of Service,Good News,Rejoicing,CommitmentAdd
Famous Last WordsJohn 20:21It was early morning and the local diner was buzzing with the usual breakfast crowd. Suddenly, there was a commotion [...]Pentecost SundayCPentecostJesus Christ: coming of,ExampleAdd
Something To Say 'yes!' ToJohn 20:19,22A fable has been written about a city mouse that moved to the countryside and took up residence inside the [...]Pentecost SundayCInspirationChildren,Sharing,Self-indulgence,Self-interest,Drop-outsAdd
If You Want To Be Happy ...John 20:21Some time ago, at a sectarian University, the story went around about a student who had enrolled in a Course [...]Pentecost SundayCPeacePentecost,Service,Joy,Happiness,Disciples,ApostlesAdd
Fed Up?John 20:21Several years ago, something strangely wild took place in the life of a veteran Detroit fireman. "I was fed up," [...]Pentecost SundayCRisen ChristWork,Frustration,Apathy,House-buildingAdd