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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Draw Near With FaithJohn 17:21One Sunday morning a certain country preacher opened a sermon on faith with these words: "My dear brothers and sisters, [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCTrustChildren,FaithAdd
Jesus Wants InJohn 17:26Jesus came to make God real for us. Jesus came to make God immediate to us, present to us. Through [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCLoveGiving,Good SamaritanAdd
Lord, Teach Us To PrayJohn 17:23In a book called "God and My Father," Clarence Day recalls his father's attitude and approach to prayer. He says [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCPrayerPsychosomatic,Psychology,SpiritAdd
Good Work God!John 20:21A young mother, after putting her two children to bed one night, changed into an over-sized sweatshirt and an old [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCLanguage of loveLove,Reconciliation,God: existence ofAdd
The Cost Of LifeJohn 17:26"The Stranger," by Albert Camus, is a powerful novel which deals with those fundamental life-and-death questions that concern us all [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCEmptinessFulfillment,Trust,Radical obedience,cost of,SincerityAdd
Feeding The GutJohn 17:21God wants to raise you up to fullness of life! God has come in Jesus Christ to show you this [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCRelationshipsPain,SharingAdd
A Matter Of ChoiceJohn 17:26A few years ago, the City of Newark, New Jersey began selling water from its reservoir to neighboring Jersey City. [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCChoiceTrust,Commitment,Motivation,DilutionAdd
Go Into Your HeartJohn 17:24Despite his ongoing financial successes, a businessman was unhappy with the way his life was going. Consequently, he consulted a [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCJesus: presence ofLoneliness,Comfort,Heart,Winnie the PoohAdd