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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Report For DutyJohn 17:18A man of modest means was visiting an old friend who lived lavishly . . . The visitor refused to [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBLightLove,Mother's Day (U.S.A.)Add
Both His HandsJohn 17:18If you belong to Jesus Christ in any way at all, you become His minister. It is not a matter [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBChristian MinistryPriorities,Church-goingAdd
Be YourselfJohn 17:9In recent years much emphasis has been placed on the "cool" look. We are encouraged to look like we're not [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBGloryRelationships,Cool Look,Jesus Christ: emotions ofAdd
King Of The UniverseJohn 17:14Each week, the pastor of the Washington, D.C. Church which President Franklin D. Roosevelt attended received several telephone calls from [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBKingshipObedience,Sovereign LordAdd
Speak The Truth In LoveJohn 17:17The great State of Texas is known for many things. Not the least of them is the tendency of its [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBTruthLove,Lying,TonguesAdd
Out Of The ShadowsJohn 17:13Someone has compiled a telling list of "famous fibs." Here are a few: The check is in the mail. We [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBAwakeningTruth,God: Will of,Obedience,Choice,Action,ShadowsAdd
We Don't See Anything ElseJohn 17:11In today's Gospel Lesson, on the eve of His execution, Jesus is engaged in formal prayer to the Fahter. Again [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBPrayerGod: Presence ofAdd
Who, Me?John 17:13A veteran seminary professor has painted a composite picture of all the "rules" followed by the people he has observed [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBJoyResponsibility,Servanthood,Discipleship,WorryAdd
It's Your Choice!John 6:51A four-year-old girl sat with her aunt in Church as the preacher spoke about the need for unity, in the [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBDisciplesLove,Mystery,Bible studyAdd