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Obedience Now!John 14:23A businessman's wife and their three-year-old daughter were seeing him off at the airport. Waiting at the departure gate, they [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCJesus Christ: Word ofLoveAdd
One Step/two StepsJohn 14:27"I wish I could write with both hands at the same time," Theresa of Avila once said. Sometimes the ideas [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCPeaceLetting go,Shalom!Add
The Power Of LoveJohn 14:26It has been said that there are three levels of life, each with its own predictable results. On the lowest [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCPowerLove,Holy Spirit,Good,EvilAdd
I'm O.k., You're O.k.John 14:27There is a very remarkable book by Dr. Thomas Harris, a practicing psychiatrist. The title is "I'm O.K., You're O.K." [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCJesus Christ: peace ofGod: love of,Self-esteem,Peace,Self-acceptance,Unconditional loveAdd
Put On The Lord Jesus ChristJohn 17:26An elderly gentleman on a train trip asked a fellow-passenger: "Do you have any grandchildren?" "Yes," was the reply. Then [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCTransformationTruth,Change,PeaceAdd
We'd Better Run Some TestsJohn 14:27What good will a few extra dollars do you -- or a few extra of anything -- if you are [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCLoveGod: Will of,Obedience,Happiness,MysteryAdd
Exclamation Point!John 14:27If I knew you and you knew me -- If both of us could clearly see, And with an inner [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCPurposefulnessSelf-esteem,Last Supper,Friendliness,FearlessnessAdd
What Lies Within!John 14:27A teacher asked her third-graders to write about their personal heroes. One little girl brought her essay home and showed [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCFatherPeace,Jesus:presence of,Emerson:Ralph Waldo,Heroic JesusAdd
Just Words?John 14:23Two thousand years ago, on the Sunday which we now know as "Passion Sunday" or "Palm Sunday," a great crowd [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCWord of GodChildren,Obedience,Faith,Promise,Passion SundayAdd