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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Best MedicineLuke 3:18On his return from a trip into the wilds, a birdwatcher told this story of an encounter with a bear. [...]Third Sunday of AdventCRepentanceChange,Preaching,WorryAdd
Our Stolen ChristmasLuke 3:10-11The main emphasis in our Christmas celebration every year is that we have received something beautiful from God. This God, [...]Third Sunday of AdventCChristmas SeasonMagi,Christmas presents,Christmas deviltryAdd
What's New?Luke 3:10"I've got goods news for you," a father said to his little girl. "God has just sent you a baby [...]Third Sunday of AdventCGood NewsSelf-knowledge,Values,NewsworthinessAdd
Repent!Luke 3:11In the Gospels, we find over-and-over again the Good News of the kind of full life God wants to give [...]Third Sunday of AdventCRepentanceNew Life,Giving,GiftAdd
Contagious JoyLuke 3:16The man who reinvented the "Holy Hug" for our time, Leo Buscaglia, wrote an article for "Women's Day" magazine entitled, [...]Third Sunday of AdventCJoyChristmas Pageant,Holy HugAdd
The Best Possible GlimpseLuke 3:10I paid a dime for a package of seeds. The clerk tossed them down with a flip. "We have them [...]Third Sunday of AdventCMysteryLove,Cross,Mission,SeedsAdd
What It's All AboutLuke 3:16Imagine that there is a grasshopper sitting on a milkweed plant near the railroad tracks. A long freight train pulled [...]Third Sunday of AdventCLoveRepentance,Joy,KnowledgeAdd
Laugh Clown, LaughLuke 3:18There is a bumper-sticker you might have seen that reads, "God is simply fun." Not many of us, perhaps, are [...]Third Sunday of AdventCJoyDiscipleship,Laughter,Expectancy,SmilesAdd
Oh, So Gentle!Luke 1:38Some time ago, a magazine ad for a certain automobile part depicted a very big, macho-type man, with huge muscles [...]Third Sunday of AdventCExpectationStrength,Guilt,Power,GentlenessAdd