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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Light Up The WorldJohn 1:9The New Testament proclaims the Lord Jesus as the "Light of the World." He is the true light," John tells [...]Third Sunday of AdventBLightJesus Christ: as lightAdd
Honesty In ReligionJohn 1:6-7These opening words in John's Gospel remind us of a deep concern, expressed many times by the Old Testament Prophets. [...]Third Sunday of AdventBLightChosen People,HonestyAdd
Rule For HappinessJohn 1:6In a letter to a friend, Marx Twain once wrote: "I have been reading the morning paper -- well knowing [...]Third Sunday of AdventBChristmas expectationGood News,Hope,Gospel,News Media,Advent SpiritAdd
God Knows WhereJohn 1:6All through His life, Jesus described His own ministry primarily in terms of loving service to other persons -- the [...]Third Sunday of AdventBLightStudents,Jesus Christ: as KingAdd
No Fairy TaleJohn 1:7A little bug who hung out in a big city museum had heard tales of the incredible beauty of Persian [...]Third Sunday of AdventBPerspectiveLight,HappinessAdd
Volunteers For ChristJohn 1:23If we claim to be following Jesus Christ and walking in the light of God's Love, but our lifestyle does [...]Third Sunday of AdventBCost of discipleshipRepentance,Good News,Discipleship,Hardness of heartAdd
Christmas Is ComingJohn 1:9In keeping with the Advent theme of high hope and great expectation, the Prophet Isaiah joyfully announces: "The Lord has [...]Third Sunday of AdventBExpectationGod: Will of,Servanthood,Hope,Service,HappinessAdd
God Has A Fax NumberJohn 1:17You are driving toward your destination and you suddenly realize that you must have taken a wrong turn. What do [...]Third Sunday of AdventBLightPerspective,Direction,GoalsAdd
Try It, You'll Like It!John 1:8The mother of a fifteen-year-old girl was anxious about her daughter's recently acquired independent attitude. Among other things, she had [...]Third Sunday of AdventBLightObedience,Fishing,WitnessAdd