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Who Is Your Savior?Matthew 11:3When a man died and appeared before Saint Peter at the Heavenly Gate, Peter could not find anything in his [...]Third Sunday of AdventAJesus Christ: as SaviorPhilosophy,WishingAdd
Learning To WaitMatthew 11:2-3One of our most disagreeable everyday experiences is waiting. Watch motorists stopped at a traffic light and count the smiling [...]Third Sunday of AdventAWaitingGod's time,PerspectiveAdd
Words Are Not EnoughMatthew 11:5It was the day after Christmas. A weary father was trying to take a nap but his young son kept [...]Third Sunday of AdventAChristmas SpiritSanta ClausAdd
Let's Get PracticalMatthew 11:5The great English writer, G. K. Chesterton, once was playing a little quiz game with some friends. One of the [...]Third Sunday of AdventAPracticalityGnosticism,Stumbling blocksAdd
TransfusionMatthew 11:5As we move deeper into the Advent Season we should be mindful of the perennial danger of over-spiritualizing Christmas in [...]Third Sunday of AdventAMessiahGod: love of,Gnosticism,Jesus Christ: as Messiah,Jesus Christ: blood of,Love of GodAdd
Wow!Matthew 11:4"We'll leave the light on for you" says comedian Tom Bodett at the end of his radio commercials for "Motel [...]Third Sunday of AdventAJesus Christ: as MessiahLove,ChildrenAdd
Love Postponed?Matthew 11:3We are a society of anticipators. We lean into the future, we live for tomorrow, we build up the pension [...]Third Sunday of AdventAFulfillmentPresent Moment,PostponementAdd
You'll Be On Your WayMatthew 11:6A thirteen-year-old girl said to her mother, "I feel so nervous." Her mother replied, "What do you mean, 'nervous'?" "Well," [...]Third Sunday of AdventAFaithHope,Expectation,HappinessAdd
Empty Yourself!Matthew 11:6Many years ago a large industrial corporation erected a new headquarters building. They laid a cornerstone which contained various predictions [...]Third Sunday of AdventAFaithLost Sheep,Happiness,Wilderness experience,God:will ofAdd