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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
After The Dream Comes MourningLuke 24:21What do you do with a broken dream? The road to Emmaus has been excavated and visitors to the Holy [...]Third Sunday of EasterARoad to EmmausDreams,Mourning,Resurrection LifeAdd
We Are The MessageLuke 24:32A certain man bought a valuable painting entitled "The Burning Ship." In the picture, a large ocean liner is engulfed [...]Third Sunday of EasterAFireLove,Wishing,EvangelismAdd
Their Eyes Were OpenedLuke 24:27After weeks of faltering, a shy young man finally found the courage to ask the girl of his dreams for [...]Third Sunday of EasterATeachersJesus Christ: as Teacher,Word of GodAdd
Infinitely PreciousLuke 24:32"Do you ever have dreams?" asked the psychiatrist. "Yes," the patient replied, "I had one last evening. I dreamed I [...]Third Sunday of EasterARisen ChristDreams,Self-pity,Road to EmmausAdd
Time To Let Our Hair DownLuke 24:31After serving on a jury in a case involving fraud, one of the jurors wrote down an account of the [...]Third Sunday of EasterATruthResurrection,News,Risen LordAdd
Everyday A Little BitLuke 24:25-26Several years ago, an international poll was taken to discover the name of the person most widely recognized throughout the [...]Third Sunday of EasterAIncarnationLove,God: Resurrection Power of,Death/Resurrection,RecognitionAdd
Heartburn!Luke 24:32A little boy went into the neighborhood grocery store and asked for a box of Tide. The grocer patted him [...]Third Sunday of EasterAPrayerLove,Jesus Christ: as Master,Risen ChristAdd
Let's Get Specific!Luke 24:39The Bible does not say "God is Love" and leave it as an abstract principle floating above and beyond human [...]Third Sunday of EasterBSpecificityGood SamaritanAdd
High ExpectationsLuke 24:38,44"Whistle Down the Wind" is a motion picture of a few years ago. In the story a group of children [...]Third Sunday of EasterBFulfillmentDeath,Love,ExpectationAdd
A Lesson In TeachingLuke 24:45In a 16th century play, a major character named Friar Bacon creates a huge head of brass, designed to answer [...]Third Sunday of EasterBJesus Christ: as TeacherTeaching skillsAdd
Prince Of PeaceLuke 24:41You may not fancy yourself as a Scripture scholar, but you probably know the Old Testament word for "peace": the [...]Third Sunday of EasterBPeaceShalom,Christian Community,Kissing,Ripple EffectAdd
One Fleck At A TimeLuke 24:47A successful businessman suddenly realized he was caught up in an aimless existence. He visited a therapist and told of [...]Third Sunday of EasterBGrowthLove,Christian Ministry,Emptiness,WisdomAdd
Which Is Me?Luke 24:47In the "Wizard of Oz" legend, a great cyclone strikes in the state of Kansas, transporting young Dorothy to a [...]Third Sunday of EasterBRepentanceGreatness,Needs,Self-identityAdd
Even In The Darkest HourLuke 24:38The disciples in today's Gospel Lesson had been experiencing a terrible spiritual and emotional drain. They had been with Jesus [...]Third Sunday of EasterBDiscipleshipPrayer,Fruitfulness,Witnessing,MotivationAdd
Holiest Of The HolyJohn 21:12In an ancient story called "The Holy Man," a group of pilgrims are travelling across a vast desert to visit [...]Third Sunday of EasterCRisen ChristLove,CreationAdd