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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Holiest Of The HolyJohn 21:12In an ancient story called "The Holy Man," a group of pilgrims are travelling across a vast desert to visit [...]Third Sunday of EasterCRisen ChristLove,CreationAdd
He Didn't Know He Had It In HimLuke 21:7Last January 1st, one man's New Year's resolution was to become a non-conformist. For instance, he resolved never again to [...]Third Sunday of EasterCConformityObedience,Values,ChoiceAdd
Move It OverJohn 21:15,16,17"Do you love Me? ... Do you love Me? ... Do you love Me?" In today's Gospel Lesson we hear [...]Third Sunday of EasterCLovePresent Moment,Heaven,God: union with,Union with God,Love postponedAdd
Our Model And Our SaviorJohn 21:19"Follow Me!" the Risen Christ says to Peter in today's Gospel Lesson. In themselves, good resolutions and intentions in the [...]Third Sunday of EasterCFollowersLove,Jesus Christ: as ModelAdd
Slips Don't CountJohn 10:29"You're in good hands with Allstate," says the advertisement for one of America's best-known insurance companies. We're all familiar with [...]Third Sunday of EasterCSecond chancesLove,Self-esteem,FailureAdd
It's A Wonderful Life!John 21:7Ammon Hennacy was a farmer in Arizona. He was also a practicing non-conformist who was deeply committed to absolute pacifism. [...]Third Sunday of EasterCValuesObedience,Conformity,Pacifism,AngelAdd
Pass The Chicken SoupJohn 21:17Because he was close to the seat of power for many years, a former White House Staff member is a [...]Third Sunday of EasterCVulnerabilityLove,Lying,Punctuality,Fishermen,Chicken SoupAdd
One-On-OneJohn 21:16The social activist Julia Ward Howe once asked Senator Charles Sumner to use his influence to intercede for a constituent [...]Third Sunday of EasterCServiceShepherd,Humility,Politicians,Self-importanceAdd
It Comes As No SurpriseJohn 14:18It isn't always easy to say the right thing on the spur of the moment. Consequently, it is easy to [...]Third Sunday of EasterCWitnessResurrection,Service,Fear,Surprise,AstonishmentAdd
Jump In, The Water's Fine!John 21:16A college speech professor detested the way speakers tend to repeat points in order to emphasize them. On one occasion, [...]Third Sunday of EasterCServantSheep,Disciples,Followers,Emphasis,RepetitionAdd