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Why Aren't We Singing?John 20:1He came singing love. He lived singing love. He died singing love. He rose in silence. (If the song is [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,RejoicingAdd
An Easter PeopleJohn 20:2,4One Easter, a little girl named Audrey came home from school and was greeted by her grandfather who was visiting. [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,Eternal Life,Crucifixion,DirectionAdd
A Child AgainJohn 20:9Actress Arlene Francis was strolling in the park one day when she saw a very beautiful little girl at play-so [...]Easter SundayCEasterNew Life,Kingdom of God,ChildlikeAdd
A Great DayJohn 20:1Today is a great day for the People of God, and a very bad day for the Forces of Evil. [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,TransformationAdd
The Tomb Is EmptyJohn 20:25The 1985 world series was dubbed by some sports writers as the "Show Me" series. The two teams -- the [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,Empty tomb,EternalityAdd
I Am Here!John 20:1,2An American writer and his wife spent a year in England during which time they visited a great many Churches, [...]Easter SundayCEasterDeath,Resurrection,God: grand design ofAdd
Jesus Goes WalkingJohn 20:1Many years ago, a retired French diplomat decided that Christianity was no longer for him. He saw Church institutions as [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,Belief,Hypocrisy,Easter Bunny,Hot airAdd
Look To The Pea Patch!John 20:3In a certain school district, it was customary to participate in the annual sale of Easter Seals. The practice was [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,Eternal Life,Risen Christ,Empty tomb,Easter BunnyAdd
The Beauty RemainsJohn 20:2A little boy wrote a letter to God which began with a question: "Dear God, are you real? Some people [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,Faith,Cross,Risen Christ,Empty tombAdd