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There Must Be A God!Luke 22:29Do you remember the Old Testament story in which the prophet Jonah becomes angry with God and ends up in [...]Passion SundayCKingdom of GodCompassion,Cross,Happiness,Jesus Christ: Passion of,AtheismAdd
A Wink Or A PrayerLuke 22:26Jesus' manner of speaking is not our manner of speaking. Consequently, the text we have just repeated sounds almost irrational [...]Passion SundayCServanthoodAdvertising,Faith,Greatness,Words: meaning ofAdd
Thank GodLuke 23:45There is a scene in Lloyd Douglas' book, "The Robe," in which Justus (a disciple of Christ) and Marcellus (the [...]Passion SundayCReconciliationHope,Thanks,Jesus Christ: Passion of,CalvaryAdd
Where Are You Going?Luke 23:34When he was eighty-eight years old, the late Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once found himself on a train. [...]Passion SundayCForgivenessSuffering,Cross,Death/Resurrection,Sacrifice,Blood transfusionAdd
Comes The Revolution!John 19:18One of the prerequisites for doing business nowadays is to have a "logo" -- a sign or symbol which people [...]Passion SundayCEgoismSelf-esteem,Humility,CriticismAdd
What's In It For God?Luke 22:23Have you ever wondered what kind of man Judas was? Have you ever wondered what he looked like, who his [...]Passion SundayCKindnessSatan,Jesus Christ: as light,Betrayal,Cross,HappinessAdd
A Matter Of LoyaltyLuke 23:42Someone has come up with a fantasy about what might have happened if the twelve Apostles had submitted formal job [...]Passion SundayCLoyaltyPreaching,QualificationsAdd
What You Have To DoMatthew 27:50She was a nobody. You would not recognize her name. You have never met her before. She lived in a [...]Passion SundayCSaintsCross,CreationAdd
You Must Remember This!Luke 23:34There is an old legend about St. Martin of Tours and his encounter with a mysterious visitor: One day as St. [...]Passion SundayCForgivenessDeath,Sinners,Satan,Nail prints,Judas,Passion,Thomas:DylanAdd
Our Best FriendLuke 23:46Helen Keller overcame the formidable obstacle of blindness to become one of history's most inspiring women. When she once was [...]Passion SundayCLightBlindness,Vision,Darkness,Helen KellerAdd