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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
There's A New World ComingJohn 11:25There is a wonderful story about a man who bought a used suit of clothes at the Good Will Industry [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAResurrectionDeath,God: Resurrection Power of,DecisionAdd
The Healing PowerJohn 10:25A theology professor in an American seminary is fond of telling his students about a certain man he had met [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAHealingGod: power of,Holistic Health,Alternative MedicineAdd
Lord, Bless You!John 11:25Jesus, the "Resurrection and the Life," is the Messiah. Jesus is the Christ. Actually, the two words, "Messiah" and "Christ" [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAMessiahAcceptance,Resurrection,Jesus Christ: as Messiah,Relinquishment,BlessingAdd
A Genuine Bell-ringer!John 11:25Last year, a story came over the news wire services about a man residing in the city of Greenville, South [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAResurrectionLifeAdd
Other Tigers, Other ChristsJohn 11:26Middle-age is one of the little deaths we encounter on our journey through life. When is middle-age? People who get [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAFaithValues,Middle Age,Courage,Aging,Living ChristAdd
We Need RecyclingJohn 11:25Lord, today I feel like ... a used firecracker, a balloon with a hole in it, a dried-up pen, an [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAResurrectionNew Life,Recycling,Dry BonesAdd
The Goblin Of DeathJohn 11:25Old Patrick O'Brien lay in his bed, dying. In fact, he had been dying for several weeks. And, during that [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAFaithDeath,FearAdd
Our Claim In HeavenJohn 12:24Several years ago, a Lexington Avenue building in New York City was being remodelled. As the work neared completion, a [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBHopeResurrection,Aging,TimeAdd
Overtaken By JoyJohn 12:24Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the New England Yankee social critic who wrote "Walden," one of the American classics, rebelled at [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBDeath/ResurrectionEternal Life,Rejoicing,Present Moment,Revelation,Creation,God: creation ofAdd
The Crazy QuiltJohn 12:32"We all have our ups and downs." So goes the old cliche'. When we're "down" life can seem like a [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBFulfillmentTradition,Continuity,Average manAdd
Let GoJohn 12:24A mother whose only son was preparing for college, wrote the following letter to the college president: Dear Sir: My [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBRelinquishmentNew Life,God: Will of,Letting goAdd
Hidden TreasureJohn 12:24In a book called "Peace of Mind," a famous psychiatrist says that "The supreme foe of inner-victory is rigid pride."1 [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBHumilityServanthood,Jesus Christ: as Servant,Death/ResurrectionAdd
One Foot In The Grave?John 12:24I'm going to tell you a fish story: It seems that some scientists decided to develop a fish that could [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBResurrectionDaily Deaths,Water,AlcoholicsAdd
Free At Last!John 20:24In his book called "A Gift of Wings," Richard Bach describes the process of moving toward our fulfillment as human [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBFreedomAnxiety,Liberation,BondageAdd
FriendshipJohn 8:4A thief picked a man's pocket on a crowded elevator. As the result of quick police action, he was arrested [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCGrowthSelf-image,Condemnation,AdulteryAdd