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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Tears Of JoyJohn 4:23In order to understand what this verse is about, we have to go back to the time of Christ and [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipTearsAdd
In Spirit And TruthJohn 4:23If you have been to the Holy Land you probably discovered that "Jacob's Well" is one of the few places [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipHoly Land,Jacob's Well,Aimlessness,EssentialsAdd
The Choice Is OursJohn 4:23There are people all over this land who, earlier today, were faced with what they considered to be a hard [...]Third Sunday of LentAChurch-goingLove,Worship,ChoiceAdd
Outrageously Happy!John 4:25,26There is a "Peanuts" comic strip in which two of Charlie Brown's little friends are engaged in a serious discussion [...]Third Sunday of LentAJesus Christ: as MessiahOutcasts,Self-help,Pop Psychology,Living waterAdd
It's BeautifulJohn 4:23A prominent medical doctor who has written several books in his field and a well-known "radio" preacher were exchanging ideas [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipGod: Presence of,Church-goers,God: worthfulness ofAdd
Skirting Around The Edges?John 4:23When a young woman attempted to take her own life, she left a short note explaining why she was doing [...]Third Sunday of LentAAbundant lifeEternal Life,Existing,Gathering/ScatteringAdd
Just The Way We Look At ThingsJohn 4:23A woman was driving along a country road when she noticed an old man sitting on a fence rail watching [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipLove,Truth,BeliefAdd
Another VoiceJohn 2:15Veteran comics know that they can always get a laugh by dipping into their storehouse of husband-and-wife jokes -- lover's [...]Third Sunday of LentBLoveChange,Values,Beautiful music,Exploitation,AngerAdd
The Last EnemyJohn 2:19An eight-year-old boy wrote an essay in school entitled, "What a Mom means to a kid": A mother is a [...]Third Sunday of LentBRelinquishmentLove,Dying,Parenting,Motherhood,Enemy,PassagesAdd
CategoriesJohn 2:15A renowned diplomat once observed that people usually judge others by their actions and themselves by their ideals. If someone [...]Third Sunday of LentBChurchExploitation,Categories,PigeonholesAdd
The Gift Of EarsJohn 2:15A great deal has been said in recent years about Christians who have received the gift of tongues. Many good [...]Third Sunday of LentBExploitationLove,Neighbor,Evangelism,Good Samaritan,HatredAdd
An Angry JesusJohn 2:15When we enter more deeply into the union with God that Jesus makes possible, love is kindled within us. We [...]Third Sunday of LentBProtestExploitation,AngerAdd
The Angry LoverJohn 2:15Last year, a major U.S. industrial giant made a profit of $600 million dollars. Not bad! As the end of [...]Third Sunday of LentBGreedMoney,Compassion,AngerAdd
A Question Of IntentJohn 2:25Jesus told His disciples that the "Kingdom of God is like a buried treasure" (Mt. 13:44). In the "Sermon on [...]Third Sunday of LentBTreasureMoney,Grace,Good Intentions,ConscienceAdd
Do You Like Yourself?Luke 13:5In today's Lesson, after telling the crowds that unless they repent they will perish, Jesus tells a parable about a [...]Third Sunday of LentCFruitsLove,Growth,HarvestAdd