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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Let The Light Shine ThroughLuke 3:3The owner of a greenhouse hired a young gardener whom he had judged to be careful, methodical and a hard [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRootsRepentance,ChangeAdd
No One Will Be The WiserLuke 3:4,6Expectation plays a big role in our lives-as was the case, perhaps, when an extremely overweight woman was heard to [...]Second Sunday of AdventCExpectationSanta Claus,Christmas Tree,AnniversaryAdd
No Pipe-dreamLuke 3:6A crust of bread and a corner to sleep in, A minute to smile and an hour to weep in, [...]Second Sunday of AdventCHopeHopelessness,Divine Guidance,Pipe-dreams,Wishful thinkingAdd
Serve Time In The PenitentiaryLuke 3:3One way to prepare properly for the coming of Christ in this Advent Season is to serve time in the [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRepentanceSalvation,PenitentiaryAdd
The Lord Of HistoryLuke 3:3A farmer owned a very beautiful horse of which he was very proud. One day he drove him into town [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRepentanceHistory,Sin,Pagan godsAdd
He Found Me!Luke 3:3At the conclusion of the first lecture in a college philosophy course, the professor asked for questions. "What is the [...]Second Sunday of AdventCGod: search forRepentance,Change,Wisdom,Self-improvementAdd
No LoopholesLuke 3:6There is an old "Garden of Eden" story in which Adam approaches his Creator and says, "God, I really appreciate [...]Second Sunday of AdventCResponsibilityRescue,Expectation,HopelessnessAdd
Lucky Or NotJohn 1:8It was December 22nd and the mother of several children suddenly realized that she hadn't sent out any Christmas cards. [...]Second Sunday of AdventCIncarnationSalvation,Christmas,Advent,Christ:presence ofAdd