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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Listen To LoveLuke 6:38Those of us who have identified with Jesus the Christ, have been taught a very special kind of love, which [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCParentingLove,Communication,ListeningAdd
We Are Chronically HumanLuke 6:28In a fast-food restaurant, a woman bowed her head and said, "Thank you Lord for these vittles." A teenager at [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumanityPrayer,God: Will of,Thankfulness,Foolishness,SuitorAdd
Good Christian TalkLuke 6:27In a book called, "We Really Do Need Each Other," a Professor of Religion gives us a personalized little glimpse [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCLoveChange,NobodiesAdd
Practice Makes Perfect!Luke 6:30A pastor with good intentions visited a parishioner who was critically ill ... At bedside, the pastor knelt and said, "We'll [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCEmpathyLamb of God,Angels,Gallup poll,FearsAdd
Love Is The Sweetest ThingLuke 6:35A certain couple had been married fifty-one years and still acted like newlyweds. The husband was in poor health, a [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCVengeanceLove,Learning,Marriage,RevengeAdd