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PeacefareMatthew 5:44-45For many of us, the boundaries of our love are narrow and very exclusive. Perhaps we love the members of [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAEnemiesChosen People,Peace,PeacefareAdd
BreathtakingMatthew 5:48"God never made a better woman than I am, but somehow I just can't seem to live up to it." [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeASermon on the MountFamily Life,PerfectionAdd
Love Is The Sweetest ThingMatthew 5:38,44Long before Jesus' coming, ancient peoples had been using the skins of animals as liquid containers. In Palestine these containers [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWineskinsResponsibility,Expansion,VengeanceAdd
Does Jesus Have It All Wrong?Matthew 5:44Little Johnny was very upset with his brother, Willy. Before he said his night prayers, Johnny's mother said to him, [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPerspectiveLove,Forgiveness,VengeanceAdd
The Foolishness Of GodMatthew 5:42,44,45There is a Peanuts cartoon in which little Lucy is telling her brother Linus to get with it, get on [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeASermon on the MountFaith,FoolishnessAdd