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A Light To The NationsMatthew 5:14,16God had called the People of Israel to be a "Chosen People," not in the sense of privilege but in [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightChosen People,ResponsibilityAdd
The EnterpriseMatthew 5:13,14To be the "salt of the earth" and the "light of the world" is the Christian enterprise. In a beautiful [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveHoly Bible,IconsAdd
Light After DarknessMatthew 5:13,14When God gives you light, unless it is shared by you, it fades out, dissipates, and darkness returns. This is [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightSharing,HealingAdd
Unnecessary GentlenessMatthew 13:14In a world where Bad Deeds are celebrated And good ones are relegated To page 49 of the paper, Where [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightGentilityAdd
I Can Still Hear HimMatthew 5:16Many people in our Society live on the fringes, far from the mainstream. They are locked up in prisons and [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightSocial Problems,Prisoners,Rehabilitation,FriendshipAdd
God's HospitalityMatthew 5:14If your life seems to be in a rut, if everything seems to get you down, if you don't seem [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHospitalityFactsAdd
No Substitute For YouMatthew 5:14Just as God needed Peter and Paul, and James and John, so too He needs you. Just as, in times [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightMinistryAdd
Get Busy!Matthew 5:13,14The time is coming, I am convinced of it, when the world will pay the same beautiful tribute to present-day [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWorkLight,Devil,KingdomAdd
What's The Attraction?Matthew 5:14There is in each one of us, the primitive fear of darkness. We can remember how it was when as [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightFear,Birth,Darkness,Twins,EnlightenmentAdd