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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Wouldn't Everything Be Just Fine?Luke 4:22Did you ever say to yourself as you walked into church, "What am I doing here?" Uristides McFarland went to [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCLoveChosen People,Compassion,Listening,Church-goingAdd
A Good Man Is Hard To FindLuke 4:24An ancient Greek story says that outside the City of Thebes there was a monster called the Sphinx. To every [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCJesus Christ: as ModelJesus Christ: as Messiah,Attitude,Riddle of manAdd
The Heart Of The MatterLuke 4:24On almost any day, the little village of Assisi, in central Italy, is overflowing with people. The parking lots are [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFrancis of AssisiMeaning of life,RejectionAdd
The Whole PictureLuke 4:22Two kindergarten pupils were standing together in the schoolyard. A jet plane whizzed by overhead. "Did you see that?" said [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGod: universal love ofConformity,Meaning of life,Spirit of '76,Gospel SpiritAdd
Sounds A Little Absurd?Luke 4:22The late Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist, was walking down the street one day with a friend and the two [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCAbsurdityChosen People,PrivilegeAdd
You've Got To Be Kidding!Luke 4:28God's plan made a hopeful beginning, But man spoiled his chances by sinning. We trust that the story Will end in God's glory, But [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRedemptionLove,Compassion,Hope,Brotherhood,Liberation,Frost:RobertAdd
AttitudeLuke 4:22A convicted criminal, a rough-looking character nicknamed "Knuckles" by his fellows prison inmates, was about to be paroled after serving [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGospel messageAttitude,Preaching,Jesus:public ministry ofAdd