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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
God DancedMark 1:14Once upon a time there lived a village leader who had three sons. Each son was blessed with his own [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHopeGod: Will ofAdd
The Now ManMark 1:15The itinerant preachers who followed the American Frontier were hard-working, hard-riding, straight-talking men. They preached the good news of the [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBReign of GodEternal Life,God: rule of,God: in nature,Wholeness of lifeAdd
To Each His OwnMark 1:17Soon after Al Smith was elected to his first term as governor of New York, he made an inspection tour [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBFishersWorthwhileness,Believers,Peter PrincipalAdd
Before Winter ComesMark 1:18, 20The Christ who loved His family, His friends, His disciples and those close to Him, especially loved those persons who [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBUrgencyLove,OutcastsAdd
Paradise WithinMark 1:15In James Michener's novel about South Africa, there is a scene in which some people are digging in yellow clay, [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceKingdom of God,PerspectiveAdd
Is This How You Love Me, God?Mark 1:15Repent! There is that command from the Lord Jesus again! It's time to ask yourself once again, "What does repentance [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceChange,Satan,AdversariesAdd
The Turning PointMark 1:14-15In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus calls us to repentance. Like the loving father in Jesus' parable of the "Prodigal Son," [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceTears,HomecomingAdd
Going Around In CirclesMatthew 14:20A famous Christian preacher was asked by his bishop to deliver a sermon in a huge cathedral. Long before the [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBFollowersPreaching,Direction,Disciples,Merry-Go-RoundAdd
A Pain In The Neck!Matthew 4:17A youngster asked his mother to take him to see a certain movie. "I don't think you'll enjoy it," Mom [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceChange,Self-righteousness,Ego,PrideAdd