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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
They Are InseparableMatthew 4:17From the very beginning Jesus clearly stated that His call to us to follow Him and His appeal to us [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceChangeAdd
That's Enthusiasm!Matthew 4:13In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus begins His public ministry by moving from His own village of Nazareth to the larger [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAEnthusiasmFrozen People,ProfanityAdd
The Hidden GodMatthew 4:16It was winter of 1934. Admiral Richard E. Byrd had come to a bleak, icy shelf near the South Pole [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightGod: Presence of,Jesus Christ: presence ofAdd
A Learning ExperienceMatthew 4:17A small boy, walking down the street one bright summer day, spotted a copper penny glistening at his feet. He [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeATeachingRepentance,TriviaAdd
Once-and-for-allMatthew 4:19-20During the terrible winter at Valley Forge, a government official arrived on the scene to obtain a firsthand report on [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeADecisionsLove,Jesus Christ: Cause ofAdd
The FanaticsMatthew 4:19A nineteenth-century poet seems to have anticipated the spirit of our time when he wrote: We live in an Age [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFanaticsReligion,Love,Enthusiasm,SecurityAdd
What Matters MostMatthew 4:17A shopper who had just returned from one of those department store January "White Sales," had this story to tell: [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceChange,TriviaAdd
I Don't Work Like That!Matthew 4:17A wise philosopher once said, "There is one simple question you and I must answer for ourselves before we'll be [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceNoah,Trivial differences,Fisherman EmpathyAdd
What Is The Cost?Matthew 4:17It was the last day before the football team of a large University was to play it's biggest game of [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceNew Life,Change,Obedience,Service,Football,FollowersAdd