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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
With All Your Weight!John 2:5Many years ago, a missionary named John Paton began to translate the New Testament into the language of the natives [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCTransformationPrayer,Belief,Miracles,Wedding FeastAdd
God Gives His People HopeJohn 2:5This age of ours has been called many things: the "Atomic Age," the "Nuclear Age," the "Space Age," the "Age [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHopeObedience,Expectation,Despair,PersecutionAdd
Do Whatever He Tells YouJohn 2:5There is an old parable in which a young man who had spent his childhood in a secluded valley, became [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCObedienceGifts,Miracle at CanaAdd
The Man Of CompassionJohn 2:10A woman and man who had been married for twenty-five years were looking through the family photo album. As the [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCCompassionMiracles,Service,Man for Others,Jesus Christ: miracles ofAdd
Is The World Ready For You?John 2:5A young bride-to-be learned, to her dismay, that some of her fiance's religious beliefs were less than orthodox. "What shall [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRelationshipsLove,Obedience,Marriage,Control,WineAdd
The Miracle Of YouJohn 2:5Dr. Deepak Chopra, regarded by many as one of the most important healers of our time, has written a best-selling [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMiraclesChange,Self-worth,Human BodyAdd
Applause From GodJohn 2:5On the first day of a beginning science course, a sixth-grade science teacher decided to dazzle his young students with [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMiraclesLove,TrustAdd
Doing The Nitty-GrittyJohn 2:5Today's Gospel account of the miraculous changing of water into wine comes early in Luke's Gospel as a dramatic depiction [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCObedienceChange,Transformation,Miracles,Happiness,Lottery,God's WillAdd
Giving DirectionsJohn 2:11The mother of a small child attended a PTA meeting at which it was announced that a new sex-education program [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMiracles of JesusObedience,Example,Direction,Generosity,BabiesAdd