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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
To See The LightJohn 1:19There is within each of us a deep, almost primitive fear of the darkness. You remember how it was as [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeALightSight,Mystery of Life,Lamb of GodAdd
You Are PreciousJohn 1:34The social scientists tell us that one of the causes of mental depression is a poor self-image. This was true, [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeASelf-imageLamb of God,God: image ofAdd
What Do We Expect?John 1:31At a Princeton University reunion, an old graduate recalled a campus episode that took place when he was still, in [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeARecognitionKingdom of God,BrotherhoodAdd
One Day At A TimeJohn 1:29A mother was telling her little girl about life on the farm when she was growing up. "I had great [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeACosmic ChristMessiah,Jesus Christ: presence ofAdd
What To DoJohn 1:29A man we shall call "Roger" underwent major surgery after several years of blindness. The operation was a success to [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeALamb of GodBeauty,Christ Spirit,Cosmic ChristAdd
Wow! Dynamite!John 1:34The five-year-old daughter of an obstetrician answered the doorbell. "Is your daddy at home?" asked the person at the door. [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAJesus Christ: baptism ofGod: Will of,Childbirth,ContentmentAdd
Cross That Wonderful Line!John 1:33An old bishop in Washington, D.C., had grown tired of the socials and embassy parties he was expected to attend [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeABaptismHoly SpiritAdd
Something Is Going On Here!John 1:34An aging bishop had grown tired of the numerous socials and receptions he was expected to attend. On one such [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHoly SpiritFulfillment,Water,Jesus Christ:baptism of,Chosen OneAdd
Talk To The ChildrenJohn 1:29A mother and father purchased a child's world globe for their five-year-old son. That evening, in the boy's bedroom, the [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChildrenChildren,Example,Youth,God:image of,WorldAdd