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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Keep Working On LoveMatthew 3:16There is an amusing story of a woman who one day decided to read the New Testament and investigate the [...]The Baptism of the LordAGuidanceGod: guidance of,Ministry of LoveAdd
How To Look RedeemedMatthew 3:17We read in the Books of Acts that when the Apostle Philip went into the city of Samaria, all sorts [...]The Baptism of the LordARedemptionLove,Atomic bombs,Angelic messageAdd
Pleasing GodMatthew 3:17A woman who had no religion, decided to read the New Testament and investigate the claims of Christianity. A few [...]The Baptism of the LordAGuidanceMan for Others,Baptism,Jesus Christ: Baptism ofAdd
Inspiration And PerspirationMatthew 3:16One of the popular "inspirational" authors of our time 1 maintains that two "spirations" are essential "for every worth-while achievement [...]The Baptism of the LordAInspirationService,Inspiration,Baptism,Work,PerspirationAdd
A Turned-On CongregationMatthew 3:17What did Jesus come into this world to do? He came to tell us about the unique value of God's Grace, [...]The Baptism of the LordABaptismChange,Listening,Fidelity,Favor of GodAdd