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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Let Your Soul Catch Up!Matthew 24:44A little boy was playing with his toy "Construction Kit." His father noticed that the boy was building something with [...]First Sunday of AdventAInstructionsLightAdd
Stay AwakeMatthew 24:38,39Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are in great demand these days, and today's Gospel emphasis on staying awake may seem out [...]First Sunday of AdventAListeningCommunication,PracticeAdd
When Would You Least Expect Him?Matthew 24:44When Henry David Thoreau, the author of "Walden Pond," was terminally ill, a friend tried to get him to express [...]First Sunday of AdventAPresent MomentCaring,Eternal LifeAdd
Be Wise; Be PreparedMatthew 24:44Jesus was born under a wandering star and every year in December that wandering star returns to remind us of [...]First Sunday of AdventAMagiLove,Present Moment,Identity Crisis,TruthfulnessAdd
Our True VocationMatthew 24:44The idea of being a saint may seem to us preposterous, beyond our reach -- and we settle for something [...]First Sunday of AdventASainthoodHope,Burdens,Hell,Devil,Jesus Christ: coming ofAdd
Too Good Not To Be TrueMatthew 24:42Somehow, the words "Shut up!" made an early entry into the vocabulary of a little girl named Janice. She played [...]First Sunday of AdventAPerspectiveWatching,Uncertainty,HistoryAdd
It's Time To Refocus!Matthew 24:42At the beginning of the school year, the following conversation took place between a mother and daughter ... Mother (from [...]First Sunday of AdventAExpectationLove,God: Presence of,Outcasts,PigeonsAdd
A Kiss In The DarkMatthew 24:44About this time of year in 1997, Washington Post journalist, Laura Britt, wrote a column entitled, "Christmas Blues." In it, [...]First Sunday of AdventAExpectationHope,Worry,Christmas,BlessingsAdd
Make It Unanimous!Matthew 24:42The pastor of a large urban parish once did a TV series called "The Kingdom of God." Each week on [...]First Sunday of AdventAExpectationSavior,Kingdom,Waking,AlertnessAdd