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Stop Cheating Yourself!Matthew 3:2It sounds incredible, but it really happened: A man walks into a doctor's waiting room. He has an appointment. What [...]Second Sunday of AdventAConformityRepentanceAdd
The Temporal And The EternalMatthew 22:21Today's Gospel Lesson describes an attempt by the Pharisees to trap Jesus. The Pharisees begin to carry out their scheme [...]Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAConformityPharisees,ObedienceAdd
He Didn't Know He Had It In HimLuke 21:7Last January 1st, one man's New Year's resolution was to become a non-conformist. For instance, he resolved never again to [...]Third Sunday of EasterCConformityObedience,Values,ChoiceAdd
Light Some Fires!Luke 12:49A while back, the New York Times ran a little story about some enterprising New York University students. The students [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCConformityCompassion,Self-indulgence,Mission,HumilityAdd