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Are You In Your Right Mind?John 4:23It has been said that we live in a time in which the "self" is paramount in the pursuit of [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipExample,Happiness,LongevityAdd
In Spirit And TruthJohn 4:23If you have been to the Holy Land you probably discovered that "Jacob's Well" is one of the few places [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipHoly Land,Jacob's Well,Aimlessness,EssentialsAdd
It's BeautifulJohn 4:23A prominent medical doctor who has written several books in his field and a well-known "radio" preacher were exchanging ideas [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipGod: Presence of,Church-goers,God: worthfulness ofAdd
Just The Way We Look At ThingsJohn 4:23A woman was driving along a country road when she noticed an old man sitting on a fence rail watching [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipLove,Truth,BeliefAdd
Tears Of JoyJohn 4:23In order to understand what this verse is about, we have to go back to the time of Christ and [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipTearsAdd
Your Greatest GiftMatthew 2:2,11. . . Do not ride in automobiles; they cause 20% of all accident fatalities; . . . Do not [...]The Epiphany of the LordBWorshipGrowth,Responsibility,Risk,Roots,VulnerabilityAdd