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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Love Is WisdomMatthew 5:3With the birth of Christ, a great joy is proclaimed which lays aside all the questions and all the imponderables. [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWisdomLove,Poor in Spirit,Revelation,TrustAdd
Just Passing ThroughMatthew 25:13The Holy men and women of the Far East have always made wisdom the supreme human virtue. The custom of [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWisdomCaring,SharingAdd
One Hour At A TimeMatthew 25:13There is an old circus story in which a lion-tamer finds himself face-to-face with one of his lions suddenly gone [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWisdomTruth,KnowledgeAdd
In Search Of WisdomLuke 2:40You may have seen the poster which contains the following acronym: P.B.P.G.I.N.T.W.M.Y. The letters stand for, "Please be patient. God [...]The Holy FamilyBWisdomLove,Possessions,AgingAdd
Your Undivided AttentionMark 6:2In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus returns to Nazareth, His childhood home, for the first time since His public ministry began. [...]Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWisdomLove,God: as WisdomAdd
Don't Drown Him Out!John 6:45"What this country needs" someone said recently, "is an almanac with all-blank pages for those who know everything." The same [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWisdomService,Duty,Know-it-allsAdd