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We're All InvitedMatthew 26:39,42For Jesus Christ, the secret of His life was made known in His passionate, joyful, expectant giving of Himself to [...]Passion SundayAWill of GodGethsemane,Abundant Life,Banquet,Cross: Message of,SufferingAdd
Mother Mary Comes To MeMatthew 3:10These strong words of John the Baptist suggest that he's trying to tell us something important about our preparation for [...]Second Sunday of AdventAWill of GodParenting,God: Will of,MotherhoodAdd
Does Father Know Best?Luke 1:45Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology is preserved in the works of gifted poet/story-tellers, such as Homer and Sophocles, Virgil and [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCWill of GodParenting,God: Will of,Fatherhood,MythologyAdd
An **A**-For-EffortJohn 2:25Once upon a time, the pastor of a rural parish spotted a small boy he didn't recognize playing alone in [...]Third Sunday of LentBWill of GodObedience,Good Intentions,Effort,Jesus' scrutiny of usAdd