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One Man ObeyedLuke 2:34Imagine for a moment that you are back in Old Testament times, living in the little country of Judah that [...]The Holy FamilyBVisionLove,God: Resurrection Power of,Resurrection PowerAdd
What A VisionMatthew 2:2A biologist was conducting an experiment with caterpillars. He took a flower pot containing a plant. Around the rim of [...]The Epiphany of the LordBVisionMagi,Conformity,HolinessAdd
Miracle Of LoveMark 9:2Miracles? Miracles? Let's not pretend, They can all be explained From beginning to end. So say the cynics of our [...]Second Sunday of LentBVisionMiracles,Transfiguration,MysteryAdd
No Time To BlinkLuke 9:32It has been scientifically established that the average person blinks some twenty-five times per minute. It also has been determined [...]Second Sunday of LentCVisionSight,Glory,Sleep,Christ:image ofAdd