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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
A Learning ExperienceMatthew 4:17A small boy, walking down the street one bright summer day, spotted a copper penny glistening at his feet. He [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeATeachingRepentance,TriviaAdd
SpellboundMark 1:22Today there is much talk about a religious revival. That is good news, you think? Yes and no. Mass-produced popular [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTeachingListening,Blasphemy,Divine Majesty,Spiritual WednesdayAdd
Living As He LivedMark 1:22According to leading Educators, the number one qualification of A good teacher is enthusiasm for the subject being taught. Our [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTeachingOutcasts,Jesus Christ: as Teacher,Enthusiasm,Prostitutes,Birthday PartyAdd
The Possible DreamMark 1:22A group of seminary students attended a lecture by one of the world's most distinguished Scripture Scholar/Theologians. After the lecture, [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTeachingJesus Christ: as TeacherAdd