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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
When You're AloneJohn 8:7How does it feel to be hopelessly lost at sea or in the desert or in the mountains, without provisions [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCSelf-righteousnessChange,Compassion,Judgmentalism,LostnessAdd
God Loves Even UsLuke 15:2Some time ago, the following item went out over the Associated Press wire: Keeping a sense of humor about one's [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCSelf-righteousnessSin,Prodigal Son,Prodigal Father,SexismAdd
A Pain In The Neck!Luke 18:10Two brothers were nearing death. Envious of his brother, the older of the two asked God: Why has my brother been [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSelf-righteousnessPharisees,Hypocrisy,Humility,Publicans,SuperiorityAdd