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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
No ExitJohn 3:17St. Mark's Cathedral, in Venice, stands in mosaic splendor paying silent tribute to the Byzantine and Lombard artists and others [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationAdvertising,PessimismAdd
The Finishing TouchJohn 3:17Phidias was very likely the greatest sculptor among the ancient Greeks. Legend tells us that he was extremely careful when [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationPessimism,Jesus Christ: as SaviorAdd
Enough Light?John 3:16-18"Dear Abby," wrote a woman named Rose, "I am forty-four and would like to meet a man my age with [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationGod: love of,Sinners,Judgmentalism,Perfection,Lost SheepAdd
The Saving HandMatthew 14:31Today's Gospel Lesson comes to us in the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus has just performed the miracle [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeASalvationHope,Hands,Messiah: coming of,DespairAdd
SomedayJohn 3:17About fifteen years ago, in a "New York Times" editorial, the following proposal was made: "Amid all the 'Weeks' observed [...]Fourth Sunday of LentBSalvationPrayer,Present MomentAdd
A Divine JobLuke 13:23-24Standing at the gate of a mansion house are a certain two beggars. They are seeking to enter and beg [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationChoice,Tragedy,Divine LifeAdd
Coming Up DryLuke 19:9Once, at a senior-class picnic, one of the girls accidentally dropped her graduation ring into the lake. Immediately, several of [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationGod: Grace of,GraceAdd
Take My HandLuke 21:18According to an old legend, a man became lost in his travels and wandered into a bed of quicksand. Confucius [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationLove,God: Presence of,God: Will of,Discipleship,SufferingAdd
Come Alive!Luke 19:9"Now is the favorable time; this is the day of salvation," the Apostle Paul wrote to the members of the [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationLove,NeedAdd
Perfect Attendance RecordMatthew 3:2A sixth grade teacher was trying her best to discipline a particularly mischievous student. She tried reasoning with him. She [...]Second Sunday of AdventASalvationEvangelism,Service,God:presence of,Kingdom,PreparationAdd
Up A Tree?Luke 19:9The tragedy of September 11th, put us all in touch with the great Mysteries we encounter in our human situation; [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSalvationDeath,Service,Tragedy,Support,9-11,September 11Add
Called Into ServiceJohn 3:17Every life will end in death. There are times when we may feel we will live forever. But, sooner or [...]The Holy TrinityASalvationDeath,Eternal Life,Service,Churchill:WinstonAdd