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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Lord, Teach Me How To DanceMatthew 13:13In a Midwestern Church, the crib-room is filled to capacity every Sunday without fail. As you enter the room, you [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeLove,RejoicingAdd
A Change Of AttitudeMatthew 13:31In the early days of our technological Age, a popular slogan assured us that "Every day and in every way [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeAttitudeAdd
Person-to-personMatthew 3:2Many months ago, the "Daily Oklahoman" newspaper ran a little tale about what happened when Satan agreed to be interviewed [...]Second Sunday of AdventAChangeSatan,Service,call waiting,high tech,ComputersAdd
Are We Tootling Our Horns?Matthew 20:28Hilda, a woman who had lived all of her life in the hill country, made her first trip to a [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeGod: Will of,Transformation,EquivactionAdd
The Third BirthMark 1:15Some label our Western Society "authoritarian," others call it "permissive." But however we see it, we know that change is [...]First Sunday of LentBChangeAdvertisingAdd
Don't PanicMark 1:15A married couple had lived together for twenty-five years in what outwardly seemed like a reasonably good union. The husband [...]First Sunday of LentBChangeLoneliness,Satan,Prayer,Temptation,PanicAdd
What's Happening?Mark 5:34Unfortunately, there are many adult Christians who seem to be a bit fuzzy in their understanding of who God is. [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChangeRebellion,SadnessAdd
For God's Sake, Bread!Luke 12:49,53Today's text causes us to consider one of the real mysteries in the Gospel. Here was this man, Jesus of [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChangePharisees,Hardness of heart,Radical change,Flame of love,Fire on earthAdd
Zing Go The Strings!Luke 21:28In a nineteenth century painting entitled "Hope,"1 the artist portrays a woman with bandaged eyes. She is unable to see [...]First Sunday of AdventCChangeLove,Hope,Liberation,HateAdd
Something To Live Up ToLuke 18:6Little Eddie's grandmother loved opera with a passion. She had season tickets every year, and when Eddie arrived at the [...]Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChangeGifts,IndifferenceAdd
Bad News/good NewsLuke 21:19In the popular film, "Four Weddings and a Funeral," the humor which is present in the first three weddings disappears [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChangeLove,BeautyAdd