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It's Worth The RiskMark 13:24-26On Christmas Day we will celebrate what God, our Creator, did nearly two thousand years ago. He sent His own [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRiskMagi,Blindness,Groundhog Day,Calamities,Wise MenAdd
A Sunday Kind Of Religion?John 6:64We can see in the life of Jesus that He always positioned Himself in God's presence. For Jesus, God was [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRiskServanthood,BeliefAdd
Is He Worth The Risk?Luke 6:21Some of you may be more familiar with the "Beatitudes" in the Gospel of Matthew than those in Luke which [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRiskTears,Wineskins,Beatitudes,Poverty,WealthAdd
Playing It SafeLuke 12:49A motorist driving along an almost deserted backwoods road, noticed that his car was overheating. He spotted a man sitting [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRiskSainthood,Freedom,Duty,SafetyAdd
Double The DoseMark 3:21To dream the impossible dream! Reading the Gospels, one might well conclude that to be a follower of Christ is [...]Tenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRiskFaith,Believers,Impossible dream,Through the Looking Glass,Caroll:LewisAdd