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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Where Is Your MolokaiMatthew 25:21Damien DeVeuster was a Belgian Priest who gave his life to the care of lepers in the colony at Molokai, [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAResponsibilityLove,Lepers,Discipleship,SensitivityAdd
Get Off Your High HorseMatthew 13:15"Sailbad the Sinner" is the name of an old sailboat owned by Baptist Minister, Jess Moody. One day, Moody and [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAResponsibilityPreaching,Idolatry,PrivilegeAdd
Not A Single OneMark 1:11The Prophet Isaiah and the other Old Testament Prophets believed that the Israelites were the Chosen People of God but [...]The Baptism of the LordBResponsibilityLightAdd
Almost, But Not QuiteLuke 12:48"Many charges have been leveled against me by the Jews." With these words, St. Paul opens his hearing before King [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCResponsibilityTruth,Do-nothingness,MediocrityAdd
No LoopholesLuke 3:6There is an old "Garden of Eden" story in which Adam approaches his Creator and says, "God, I really appreciate [...]Second Sunday of AdventCResponsibilityRescue,Expectation,HopelessnessAdd
One Hop At A TimeLuke 12:48A preacher took to the pulpit one Sunday morning and proceeded to deliver a sermon on the virtue of Faith. [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCResponsibilityExpectation,Faith,Failure,Demands,WeddingAdd