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Prepare Him RoomMark 13:36At a preachers' conference, a discussion arose about people who fall asleep during the Sunday Sermon. One of the participants, [...]First Sunday of AdventBRepentancePreaching,Christmas,Sleep,Advent,WearinessAdd
Life Isn't A WatermelonMatthew 3:2In the early days of our nation, the town crier was the source of news for the community. He would [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Sainthood,Outcasts,Lunacy laws,Social conscienceAdd
A 'Yes'! FaceMatthew 3:2Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that it is not so important where a person stands as the direction in [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Reign of GodAdd
Think! There's No Time To LoseMatthew 3:2We're in the Season of Advent and the message is: "Repent and sin no more." Each year at this time, [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceThinking,Saints,BeautyAdd
Is Your Radio On?Mark 1:4A man was fishing on a river bank at an isolated spot where he was certain no one would see [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceChange,ListeningAdd
You Really Matter!Mark 1:4The New Testament writers tell us, over-and-over again, that God's Grace will overtake us whenever we journey through the dark [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceNew Life,Sinners,Change,NothingnessAdd
Before The Bell RingsMark 1:4A close friend of Leopold Stokowski, the famous orchestra conductor, has written that Stokowski often said to him, "Don't ask [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceHope,Nostalgia,History,God: promise ofAdd
Serve Time In The PenitentiaryLuke 3:3One way to prepare properly for the coming of Christ in this Advent Season is to serve time in the [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRepentanceSalvation,PenitentiaryAdd
The Lord Of HistoryLuke 3:3A farmer owned a very beautiful horse of which he was very proud. One day he drove him into town [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRepentanceHistory,Sin,Pagan godsAdd
Absolutely Not!Mark 1:8In days gone by, the "Town Crier" was the source of news for the community. He would stand in the [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceChange,Prayer,Listening,BaptismAdd
Are We On Our Way?Matthew 3:1,2It's so easy sometimes to find ways of avoiding responsibility. But, clever as we may be at covering up and [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceNew Life,Service,Silence,PinocchioAdd
The Best MedicineLuke 3:18On his return from a trip into the wilds, a birdwatcher told this story of an encounter with a bear. [...]Third Sunday of AdventCRepentanceChange,Preaching,WorryAdd
Repent!Luke 3:11In the Gospels, we find over-and-over again the Good News of the kind of full life God wants to give [...]Third Sunday of AdventCRepentanceNew Life,Giving,GiftAdd
They Are InseparableMatthew 4:17From the very beginning Jesus clearly stated that His call to us to follow Him and His appeal to us [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceChangeAdd
What Matters MostMatthew 4:17A shopper who had just returned from one of those department store January "White Sales," had this story to tell: [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceChange,TriviaAdd