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A 'Yes'! FaceMatthew 3:2Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that it is not so important where a person stands as the direction in [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Reign of GodAdd
A Pain In The Neck!Matthew 4:17A youngster asked his mother to take him to see a certain movie. "I don't think you'll enjoy it," Mom [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceChange,Self-righteousness,Ego,PrideAdd
A Slate-Cleaning JourneyLuke 13:7Law enforcement officials in a Florida town received an informer's tip that a large quantity of illegal drugs was going [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceNew Life,Change,Self-inspection,Disaster,ReformationAdd
Absolutely Not!Mark 1:8In days gone by, the "Town Crier" was the source of news for the community. He would stand in the [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceChange,Prayer,Listening,BaptismAdd
Are We On Our Way?Matthew 3:1,2It's so easy sometimes to find ways of avoiding responsibility. But, clever as we may be at covering up and [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceNew Life,Service,Silence,PinocchioAdd
At Gut-LevelMark 6:12A woman answered her telephone. She hardly had time to say "Hello" when a man's voice, dripping with repentance, began [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceObedience,Aging,Instruction,Wrong-numbers,Friends,Theresa of AvilaAdd
Be PreparedMatthew 25:6For many years Alice had been a top student in all her classes: in elementary school, high school and college. [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentancePreparednessAdd
Before The Bell RingsMark 1:4A close friend of Leopold Stokowski, the famous orchestra conductor, has written that Stokowski often said to him, "Don't ask [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceHope,Nostalgia,History,God: promise ofAdd
Come Just As You AreLuke 15:9How many of you have had the frustrating experience of depositing a coin in a public telephone slot and losing [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRepentanceLostnessAdd
Come On Home!John 9:25To conclude a long sermon on repentance, a fire-and-brimstone preacher said forcefully, "I want everyone in this congregation to know [...]Fourth Sunday of LentARepentanceBlindnessAdd
From Now OnLuke 13:3A fire-and brimstone preacher was delivering his usual doomsday sermon about the end of the world. "Reform!" he boomed. "Reform [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceChange,Priorities,End-time,IdolatryAdd
Get Off Your High Horse!John 9:25A man who was extremely unhappy about the way his life was going, heard about an amazing herb that could [...]First Sunday of LentBRepentanceChange,Good News,Faith,DirectionAdd
Giving Up And Giving InLuke 13:3,5On a Sunday in March, a mother and her sixteen-year-old daughter were returning home from Church after listening to a [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceChange,Lent,Fasting,SurrenderAdd
Growing UpLuke 13:3,5Anything worthwhile bears a high price. If you want fullness of life, if you want your life to come to [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceMinistry of Service,MaturityAdd
His WayLuke 16:31There once was a career bureaucrat named George who, on retirement, thought that he would enjoy doing farm work. He [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRepentanceRiches,Decisions,Bureaucrats,Loving ServiceAdd