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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
A Slate-Cleaning JourneyLuke 13:7Law enforcement officials in a Florida town received an informer's tip that a large quantity of illegal drugs was going [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceNew Life,Change,Self-inspection,Disaster,ReformationAdd
I Don't Work Like That!Matthew 4:17A wise philosopher once said, "There is one simple question you and I must answer for ourselves before we'll be [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceNoah,Trivial differences,Fisherman EmpathyAdd
A Pain In The Neck!Matthew 4:17A youngster asked his mother to take him to see a certain movie. "I don't think you'll enjoy it," Mom [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRepentanceChange,Self-righteousness,Ego,PrideAdd
Get Off Your High Horse!John 9:25A man who was extremely unhappy about the way his life was going, heard about an amazing herb that could [...]First Sunday of LentBRepentanceChange,Good News,Faith,DirectionAdd
Are We On Our Way?Matthew 3:1,2It's so easy sometimes to find ways of avoiding responsibility. But, clever as we may be at covering up and [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceNew Life,Service,Silence,PinocchioAdd
Time To Grow Up!Luke 13:5A young mother was pushing a super-market grocery cart toward the check-out counter. The cart was filled to overflowing and, [...]Third Sunday of LentCRepentanceGrowth,Sinners,Children,Hope,Keywordss:MaturityAdd
What Is The Cost?Matthew 4:17It was the last day before the football team of a large University was to play it's biggest game of [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceNew Life,Change,Obedience,Service,Football,FollowersAdd