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Measure For MeasureJohn 3:17British author, Robert W. Burns, once was standing on a balcony at Warwick Castle in England. In his words, "That [...]The Holy TrinityARelationshipsJudging,Judgmentalism,Gettysburg Address,SalvationAdd
Where Are We Coming From?Mark 13:37That great philosopher, Charlie Brown of the "Peanuts" cartoons, once made a profound observation that touches on the way we [...]First Sunday of AdventBRelationshipsLove,Priorities,Salvation,Marriage,SecurityAdd
Is The World Ready For You?John 2:5A young bride-to-be learned, to her dismay, that some of her fiance's religious beliefs were less than orthodox. "What shall [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRelationshipsLove,Obedience,Marriage,Control,WineAdd
Feeding The GutJohn 17:21God wants to raise you up to fullness of life! God has come in Jesus Christ to show you this [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCRelationshipsPain,SharingAdd