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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Down On Your Luck?Luke 15:20A group of well-intentioned people met to discuss ways and means of helping a friend who had been down on [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonRepentance,Attitude,God: Mercy of,Mercy of God,LuckAdd
Reach For The SummitLuke 15:24Thomas Wolfe, one of America's literary giants, believed that the experience of loneliness was a necessary condition of creative living. [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonLoneliness,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Longing,Prodigal FatherAdd
A Wide Open StoryJohn 8:11An old Jewish legend tells the story of a renowned rabbi who disappeared from the synagogue for a few hours [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonSinners,Self-righteousness,Estrangement,Prodigal FatherAdd
A Lesson In LivingLuke 15:20A poem written by "anonymous" begins, Great grandfather who lived in dreary bogs thought the world was going to the dogs. Grandfather who [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonReconciliation,Family,Welcoming,Father,EncouragementAdd
Not To Be Solved, But ExperiencedLuke 15:20A teenage Sunday School Class was asked to comment on the Parable of the Prodigal Son. One young man rose [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCProdigal SonLove,Agape Love,Child,ArtistsAdd
Hear These Things!Luke 15:32On his way home from the office, a man went into a flower shop and ordered two dozen pink carnations [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonRepentance,Acceptance,Trust,LostnessAdd