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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Too Good Not To Be TrueMatthew 24:42Somehow, the words "Shut up!" made an early entry into the vocabulary of a little girl named Janice. She played [...]First Sunday of AdventAPerspectiveWatching,Uncertainty,HistoryAdd
Does Jesus Have It All Wrong?Matthew 5:44Little Johnny was very upset with his brother, Willy. Before he said his night prayers, Johnny's mother said to him, [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPerspectiveLove,Forgiveness,VengeanceAdd
Your Name In ItalicsMark 3:21In her book called "Out of My Mind," the author, Katharine Brush, confesses to several episodes in which she made [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBPerspectiveLoveAdd
No Fairy TaleJohn 1:7A little bug who hung out in a big city museum had heard tales of the incredible beauty of Persian [...]Third Sunday of AdventBPerspectiveLight,HappinessAdd