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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Gracious CircleMark 5:35,36In Jesus' list of "Beatitudes", the one on "mercy" follows the one on "righteousness" or "justice". This would not go [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMercyLove,Compassion,BeatitudesAdd
Kids Under ConstructionLuke 18:13One of the wonderful things about the Biblical writers is the sense they convey of being in process. They realize [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMercyExaltation,Humility,Self-satisfactionAdd
A Little Glimpse Of HeavenLuke 22:27An elderly man with a very large ego went to an art gallery with his wife and some friends. Although [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCMercyEternal Life,Self-righteousness,Hell,Heaven,GlimpsesAdd