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No 'half-and-half' GodMatthew 4:10"Those whose allegiance is divided are odious," the Psalmist wrote (Ps. 119:113). Or, as another translation puts it, "I Hate [...]First Sunday of LentAMeaning of lifeWorship,Self-indulgence,VanityAdd
To Live The Way We PrayJohn 10:9The New York Times recently published an article by Peter Ivan Hoffman, a senior vice-president for a large communications firm [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterAMeaning of lifeAbundant Life,Baby BoomersAdd
What's It All About?Luke 1:31-32Christmas is almost here. It is time for us to get off our treadmill of "hurry, hurry, hurry" and ask [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventBMeaning of lifeLove,God: Presence of,Emptiness,TimeAdd