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Yes, Lord!Matthew 25:34About twenty years ago, a panel of social scientists met for a week-long discussion of the principal areas of that [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)ALast JudgmentFuturists,MegatrendsAdd
True GreatnessMatthew 25:34From time-to-time God reveals himself in the lives of certain people in a very dramatic way -- a way that [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)ALast JudgmentLove,Jesus Christ: presence of,ConversionAdd
The Final TestMatthew 25:37In a Bible class, two men were called upon to recite the Twenty-third Psalm. One was an accomplished speaker, trained [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)ALast JudgmentMinistry of Love,Good Shepherd,Meaning of life,MotherhoodAdd
How-to-do-itMatthew 25:35,36It was reported in "Sports Illustrated" magazine that athletes who intended to participate in the National AAU track and field [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)ALast JudgmentLove,Self-esteem,Kingdom of God,Worthwhileness,Fools for ChristAdd
The Great SurpriseJohn 10:1Jesus' life and teachings are full of surprises. He came to a generation of people who were expecting a "conquering-hero" [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterALast JudgmentFruits,Eternal Life,Christian MinistryAdd