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What To DoJohn 1:29A man we shall call "Roger" underwent major surgery after several years of blindness. The operation was a success to [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeALamb of GodBeauty,Christ Spirit,Cosmic ChristAdd
Pleroma Of GodJohn 1:36Pleroma (p-l-e-r-o-m-a) is not a familiar word to most of us, I am sure. "Pleroma." It sounds like a name [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLamb of GodGod: love of,Pleroma,God: response to,Age of ReasonAdd
Are You Listening?John 1:36Would it not have been marvelous to live at a time when John the Baptist could point his finger and [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLamb of GodListening,Conversion,Directions,Revivalism,PentecostalsAdd
Make Room In Your HeartJohn 1:36A true Story ... Major James Nesmeth had a vision of improving his golf game. Moreover, he developed a unique method [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLamb of GodLight,Vision,GolfAdd